Our weekly group runs are uploaded onto the facebook page.  Please feel free to apply to join our Facebook Page where we advertise our runs and events.


We offer a program for all levels. For some people it will be a milestone to run 1 km without stopping. We understand that we all start somewhere and are happy to give you a supportive group that will give you the tools to get into running from a very basic level.

Recreational Runners:

Running can come in lots of different ways. We offer a group that will give you support at all levels. So if you are just after a few friendly faces to share your running with we are perfect.


If you have a targeted event that you need help to prepare for we have lots of services that will come in handy. We have friendly relaxed sessions along with fartlek and interval sessions that will help to speed you up. This along with a long run on a Saturday or Sunday will put you in great shape for whatever event you are training for. Whether it is your first 5 kilometer fun run or a 100 kilometer ultra marathon we have groups within the group to help you along the way.

Pakenham Road Runners are a social group and are not responsible for the well-being of any attendees. All runners run at their own risk
As we have lots of professionals within the fitness (and other) industries we discourage any advertising within the group.